I had forgotten just how nutso my flight from here to Marquette is this weekend. I’ll fly from here to Memphis to Detroit to Marquette on the way up, which isn’t bad. It’s the way back that’s stupid:

MQT to DTW to BNA to MEM to HSV. I’ll get into BNA around 4:05, and I won’t arrive in Huntsville until 10:25.

That’s six hours for a drive that takes less than two!

I swear … this is nuts. I really ought to see if I can con someone into driving me from Nashville back to Huntsville. It seems more than a bit stupid to fly three times the distance that I’d drive, especially when I could be home via driving before my flight to Memphis even leaves!

It’s either that or just rent a car from BNA to HSV.

This is … really outrageous. 🙂


  1. OUCH! That’s wild. At least the ride home isn’t Marquette to Detroit to Seattle to San Diego to Honolulu to Guam to Samoa to L.A. to Denver to Dallas to Memphis to Hunstville.

  2. Or I’m sure it could be even more bizarre than that Doug. It could be Marquette to Chicagho, to Valleho, to somewhere in Ohiho, to Honolulu, to Tokyo, to Moscow, to Paris, to Cairo, to Capetown, to Sydney, to Rome, to LA to Atlanta to Charlotte, to Miami, to Dallas, to Nashville, to Ashville, to Clarksville, to Hendersonville, to Fayetteville, to Huntsville. Or something. 🙂

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