Shuttle Blows Up

Columbia breaks up on descent, killing entire crew.

If I’m right, they were in LOS–Loss of Signal–at that point in landing, so we may never know what happened.

I better brush up my resume.


  1. I believe NASA will know within a few days what caused the breakup and start working to see that the problem never happens again.

    We have lost very few people in the space program: Appolo 1, 3; Challenger, 6 or 7; and Columbia, 7. How many people were lost opening up North America?

    I am certain that some weak-kneed whimps will advocate shutting down the Space Program because it is dangerous. So is driving a car.

    Jack Kennedy challenged us to go to the Moon not because it was easy but because it was hard. An old Air Force phrase, "No guts; no glory" is appropriate.

    Brush up your resume to get a better job in the Space Program; not to get out.

    "Space; the final frontier. These are the voyages . . ."

  2. You’re dad’s right Geof. Everytime I hear something new about what happened today, tears form in my eyes at the brave people that we lost today, but we would be doing them a great disservice if the space program was shut down. You will be safe in your job if people have the least respect for those 7 brave men and women.

  3. We’ll see what happens around here today. O’Keefe is saying all the right things.

    I don’t know if Bush and Congress have the political will to do the right thing–provide more funding for NASA. NASA needs at least one more STS orbiter [I’d argue for two, but I know they’re pricey] and the Space Launch Initiative needs more money, too.

    The seeds of the Clinton-Goldin era are coming to fruition, and it is bitter, bitter fruit.

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