Shoes Dropping

The sound you just heard was ten of our guys getting laid off out in the shop.

I’d heard whispers that it was happening, but … -sigh-

I have another potential contract to be working on around here. I think I’ll be talking to David about that …


  1. Sorry to hear that. I truely hope that is not a trend.

    The US cannot afford to stop the Space Program. Yes, NASA needs to suspend shuttle flights until they find out what happened and correct the problem. But, they had better think about the future and plan for the future while the shuttle is down.

  2. Well, in my case, the funding is just being re-appropriated as needed for this FY.

    I wonder if NASA’s FY03 budget was ever passed, or if they’re still living CR-to-CR.

    As for me … I started a job search today. I won’t even say who with … but that I will hate myself if I do take a job there.

    But I’d be with Jason and PJ if I get an offer for and take either job that I applied for … which would be weird and cool and all very coming-full-circle.

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