-sputter- -cough- -hack-

Okay, I give.

I’m staying home today.

It’s been over two weeks. This isn’t funny.

NyQuil, here I come.


  1. Mmmmm… NyQuil…. sleepy time….

    I’d like to be at home in bed right now, though being sick wouldn’t be cool. Hope the day of bed rest helps you start feeling better.

  2. *sends some cyberchickensoup your way*

    (Which, although it won’t do you a bit of good beyond whatever good well-wishes for one’s health always do, *is* at least extremely low on calories.)

  3. Geof-

    It was, of course, a split decision between the Beavers and the Chargers. There is always next year…


    [If your ears are burning, drop in on a.b.t-c]

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