“Now that you know how to get here…”

After visiting my folks this weekend, I drove north and east rather than south and east to head home. You see, Derek Webb, among others, was playing a mission benefit concert for a family from Nashville that’s going to go do mission work in Africa: specifically, Keith Chapman’s a dentist, so he’ll be pulling teeth all around Africa.

Anyhow, after the show, Derek’s wife Sandra went back to their house to go see about Levi, their border collie puppy. Because it was Sunday, Derek and Sandra had been gone most of the day, so she wanted to go see that their house was left standing. [Smart woman.]

This, of course, left Derek without a ride home.

Me, being a staffer for [caedmonscall.net], the fan-site that covers the band Derek was a part of for a decade, I had reason to be talking to Derek long after the concert was over. [Really … we’re setting up a live chat with him sometime next week.] As Derek relates the story, he glances my direction, and I quietly say, “I can give you a ride home.”

After the crowd disperses, he looks at me and says, “You know, I really could use a ride home, Geof.”

So … I drove Derek Webb home. He and I talked things Internet and not. He asked what I do for a living, saying, “You know, y’all do so much for us, and I don’t really know anything about you.” So we talk of things ISS for a while.

We pulled into his driveway, and Derek got out. He leaned back in and said, “Hey, I really appreciate this. Now that you know how to get here, stop on by any time you’re in town. We’ll make you a cup of coffee and sit and talk.”

Yes, I think you could say that this fanboy had a happy ride home to Huntsville.


  1. Yes, as Doug said, ". . . great story."

    Sorry I bothered you with a phone call. But, fathers worry as much as Mothers — we just don’t admit it.

    Thanks you for the email — that was the first thing I checked.

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