Soft Snoring

I can hear Doug snoring softly. Poor guy–worked 3a-11a, drove up here, whereupon I took him to dinner, dragged him to my Bible study, and then had him help me rearrange the room a bit before we flipped the lights off.

I could probably have a huge party in here right now, and he’d stay sound asleep.

Well, my bed is unlofted. I think it’s going to stay that way for a while. I’ve been mulling doing it for a while, and until Chris Brown’s IPT team gets done with the semester, I can’t reclaim my futon from their room. When I do, I’ll probably re-loft the bed so I can put the futon under part of it, like I had in my apartment on Sparkman. Even Todd though that setup kicked ass.

I think my cough is finally breaking up. I still cough occasionally, but when I do, I’m not moving lots of junk as I was before. Yay.

Enough random pecking … time for bed myself. I love sleeping in the recliner. 🙂