Darn Music

The bad thing about music is that, well, it’s addicting.

Part of that’s not so bad, really; if it’s cool or meaningful [or both], well, it’s edifying in a way.

But then there’s the part that is bad: it can get expensive. 🙂

My work with Caedmon’s Call and Derek Webb has introduced me to the Nashville faith-based singer-songwriter community in a number of ways. One is that I hear these people at a variety of concerts, and another is that I get to meet these people and hang out with them. [Mind you, that’s darn, darn cool.]

But then when you get to know folks, you feel compelled to buy their CD’s. And that can do damage to your pocketbook if’n you’re not careful.

But hey, it’s not as bad as, say, a trip to Best Buy … 😉

[This entry typed while listening to Andrew Osenga’s Photographs, which is a kickin’ disc.]