I hate this work machine.

I hate it with a passion.

I hate Windows 95.

I hate that Windows 95 is on my work machine.

I hate that my computer crashed and spent two hours looking for cross-linked files.

I hate that, when it finally came back up, it crashed about 40 minutes later.

I’m having a really good day, can’t ya tell?


  1. I have Windows NT on the machine at the office and even it goes crazy sometimes.

    Suposedly, the Company Computer Nerds are going to upgrade my computer from a Compaq to an IBM with Windows 2000. We’ll see how long it takes me to get the machine straightened out after they get through "improving it".

    I still hate Windows. I would rather have DOS back. One can do so many more things with DOS than one can do with Windows.

  2. One of our Linux developers has a Windows NT box at his desk, which he keeps just because his boss makes him. It crashes just running the screen saver.

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