Tragedy Remembered

I remember having a nasty case of the stomach flu the night Steve Olin and Tim Crews died.

Funny how memories linger with you. I was sick with all the things you get sick with at the time, but in the in-between, I sat in a swivel rocking chair that used to belong to my late grandfather, sipping on fluids and watching CNN in the middle of the night. Unlike the current mess with Iraq, it was a slow news night, so CNN ran round-the-clock coverage on this, reporting the information they had as often as it ran out–which, in this case, was every couple of minutes. Of course, when you’re running a 102-degree fever and trying to will your stomach to serenity, you have a short attention span.

It makes me realize that my generation has a lot of “TV memories”: I remember sitting at the dinner table in January 1991, watching Tom Brokaw telling us that we’d gone to war; there’s always memories regarding those terrorist attacks of 18 months ago that we’ve had to trivialize with two numbers–nine eleven–because the enormity of it all is too much for us to grasp; and countless of other really sad things.

Does TV help reinforce these memories?