We’re not all close-minded jerks!

I’ve been too busy moving to peck about this, but since I can’t settle down right now, I’ll peck a few words on Bill Frist’s stupidity.

Yeah, he wants to outlaw gay marriage. For my two loyal gay readers who know me to be both Christian and moderately conservative, I gotta say, “Hey, now, we’re not all this damn stupid.”

Now, let me be clear; I think homosexuality is a sin. But then I also think that drinking to excess is a sin, that gluttony is a sin, and that swearing is a sin, and I can charitably be categorized as a sinner in those situations. And while marriage is a sacrament inside the church, in society, I think it’s simply a legal contract.

My opinion on the secular definition of marriage is largely shaped by my boss, himself a conservative, Methodist engineer. But Ed’s been through the divorce wringer once, and he knows that what the church holds sacred is often not considered as same by society. And, frankly, that’s fine with me. I’ve studied enough political science to believe in a secularized political society. Why? Well, for one, America, as an immigrant nation, will always be factionalized. [Federalist 10 is always the popular cite for this, and Madison fairly nails it.] And for the second, one needs to look only to the Catholic Church to see that religion has no place in influencing government.

Now, I will stop here, as I sliced the crap out of the pad of my right index finger today … hurts like a mother to type.