Thanks for playing …

… but it’s nice to take a hint and know where you’re not wanted.

Have a nice one, kids. 🙄

To elaborate, my “we might mess with you for fun” comment was intended to be sarcastic. I should have probably limited any sarcasm in any comments to that entry. But I resent the insinuation that I was being immature in doing so.

I’ve had enough of it. I’ve had enough of the shit that you people give me for having a busy life. I’m sick and damn tired of the insinuation that I intentionally avoid you. This is how I live my life, dammit, and frankly, it is not up to you to choose how I spend my time. I appreciate that you like spending time with me, and I do enjoy spending time with you myself. But I’m sick and fucking tired of it. Does Jeremy get this kind of crap? I hope not.

Politely, kiss my ass.