I Lost My Mind at Bed, Bath, and Beyond

I’m not kidding.

Otherwise, how did I end up with these sheets?

Those are the sheets of a man who has a mirror above his bed.

Like I told someone this morning, “this would make one think that I was trying to get laid. I’m one of those weird ‘no sex before marriage types’. I clearly took a leave of my senses.”

Oh, hell, they look cool.


  1. They’re not THAT bad. When I first read the title, I thought that you were saying Bath and Bodyworks. To have gone in there, I’d let you know that you had in fact lost your mind.

    Anyways, a man has got to sleep. And what better way to sleep ‘in style’ than with Ruby striped sheets.

  2. 320TC sheets are awesome… and especially the sateen ones, I have a set of 300TC Wamsutta Sateen sheets (they’re solid though, versus stripes) and they’re the best ones ever… although my Ralph Lauren sheets come pretty close.

    I actually bought bedding today, randomly… 😉 What colour did you get?

    Oh, and purchasing items at B&BW does not make one “girly” you silly hetero… and hell, they do have a men’s section (even if everything there smells like a pine tree or a mountain lake, eww). 😛

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