You Know You Needed the Nap When …

1. A full three hours before you went home from work, you were already daydreaming about it. “… and I’m going to walk in the door, take off my dress shirt, and collapse on the couch.”

2. You daydream about the nap while driving home, then remember that you’re driving and that daydreaming might not help you to get there. Of course, after you think about it, you start drifting back to it.

3. You actually get home and take the nap … and sleep through the UPS delivery, a roommate cooking himself dinner, and, later, the same roommate baking cookies.

4. You wake up and look at said roommate eating said cookies and saying, “Man, I needed that, eh?” Then he looks at you and says, “I don’t think you’ve moved in the last three hours.”

Most people don’t consider being in a wedding a vacation. Let me tell you … Sean and Katharine’s matrimony couldn’t come at a better time for me.

Goin’ to the chapel and they’re — gonna get married …


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