My Poor, Neglected Laptop

When I came home from work today, I fired up the laptop and set it upon my knee. At first, I was concerned, then I realized why I was alarmed—the laptop was cool to my knee.

When I went to Tennessee [to visit my parents, of course] this past weekend, I left the laptop at home. I was online to check email once, but only when I was downloading the new version of MSN Messenger and installing it for my mother. [Hi, Mom!] I wanted to spend time with my parents. As such, I laid down my lifeline to the world beyond Huntsville as I emerged from the haze of this town. Poor thing, it stayed off for three days … which it hasn’t done since I’ve owned it, I don’t think.

Speaking of that visit home, I got into a minor tiff with my parents—“Take better care of yourself” … “I am!” … “What are you doing?” … “Let me be me!”—nothing more than a bump in the road, but I know I hurt their feelings some. I really am sorry for that, and I certainly didn’t handle it with the grace I should have, but … but I want to feel as if I’m on my own out here. The wannabe in me wants to scream that I’m 25 and can do it on my own now, thankyouverymuch.

Frankly, that’s just “Medoit!” after 20-plus years.

God forbid it, but I’m starting to get old and responsible. Took me long enough … but I think I picked up “cynical and independent” along the way.

“Everything in moderation …” Right.


  1. “God forbid it, but I’m starting to get old and responsible.” Not you… 😉 Obey your mom, she’s probably right, my friend. Moms are always right. Always. (Which is why I want to be one someday, haha)

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