Divine Eternity

My friend Adam pointed me to a series of articles on what Dr. William Lane Craig calls “divine eternity“. As someone who is interested in such things—mainly because I’m working this all out in my head and my heart and find myself leaning towards Greg Boyd’s work on Open Theism—I’m wanting to spend more time and read these aricles.

I figured that it made sense to have you look at them as well. An excerpt: For if every event in the space-time manifold is equally real and existent and God transcends space and time, then He can easily be conceived to cause and sustain (tenselessly) every space-time event, regardless of its location. Such a conception implies neither that things always exist nor that things are changeless, for to exist always would be to exist at every temporal moment (which most things do not), and things do change in the sense that they have different properties at different temporal moments, in the same way that the landscape can be said to change from east to west. On the B-theory of time, the different ontological status which things possess at different times is interpreted to mean that some entity x exists (tenselessly) at some time tn, but does not exist (tenselessly) at, say, tn-1 or tn+1. Anything in the space-time manifold (and, indeed, space-time itself) exists only because of God’s creatorial power, as He timelessly sustains it in being.

If you just went, “Wow!”—I suggest reading Craig. If you nodded off and skipped to the next paragraph, then don’t. 🙂


  1. seemed very interesting.
    I also have a book called “In Search of Divine Reality.” I got it my freshman year, and have yet to read it. But it’s supposed to be about how God (or some higher being) fits in with science. Some day I may read it…

  2. Of course, some would say that this all puts me in danger of going to hell for having bad doctrine. 🙄

    I’m pretty close to an Open Theist these days in my search for an authentic doctrine to which I can hold.

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