Gammons on Little

It’s columns like this from Peter Gammons, who finds a way to both defend and criticize Grady Little, that make one shake the head and wonder at the ability to talk out of both sides of one’s mouth and still be honest and sincere. Two-bit hacks like me are left to just criticize Little for egregious mistakes.

What’s the difference between the two of us? Experience and care of craft. I’ve written columns where I’ve handed out both praise and criticism before, but not quite this skillfully. Also, Gammons recognizes that he can’t just blast Little out of the water in case Little does somehow survive this maelstrom and return for a third season at the helm. Me? I’m just a fan, and I’m not beholden to have to go and interview the guy.

I know what Gammons is doing because I’ve been there; I remember ripping Craig Barnett up at Findlay but doing it in such a way that, when we were on the phone, we’d spend as much time talking about life as we would about hockey.

Gammons, in a time when it’s easy to want Grady’s head, I salute you for being even-handed.