Please, Forgive Me!

Dear Reader:

For whatever reason, you choose to hang on my every word. [Sicko.] I know that you have waited a whole day&emdash;a whole day!&emdash;to hear back from your humble correspondent on what is going on in his life.

But I must note that, like all Tuesdays of late, yesterday was filled with much work, as my Tuesdays are now what I know as “Data Dump Days”, where we fling a bunch of data about our manufacturing status at our customers, presumably so they will read it and know what’s going on inside the manufacturing center.

As you might guess, no one ever really seems to read it, and as such, we get lots of questions that have already been answered by the data. Of course, no data set is ever perfect, and so some of the questions are legitimate. The others are, well, frustrating to answer, especially if you’re the guy that processed the data dump, because it all causes one to think, “You know, I spent a good five or six hours on that yesterday, putting it all in a nice, happy, user-friendly format. Did you read any of it? No. I really fail to see why I should answer your question.”

Ah well. It could be worse. I could always be flipping burgers. Our customer’s inability to keep cost and schedule under control is likely to cause them to lose the re-bid on this contract. TBE is wisely partnered with the other aerospace congLoMerate bidding for cargo mission, so we’ve got a well-hedged bet&emdash;if our team wins, we’re in like Flynn; if we lose, we’ve been saving the old customer’s BacOn for somE tIme Now, and they’ve Got to come back to us if they want to not screw cost and schedule any further.

The sound you just heard was a bunch of evil geniuses laughing. 🙂