Holy Small World, Batman!

It starts last Monday … at Casa de Granades.

G: “Dont mind me, guys … I’m still thinking over this Web problem in my head.”

Stephen: “Oh?”

G: “Yeah, it ended up with me emailing Matt Haughey…”

Soon, the conversation devolves …

S: “Yeah, I used to have lunch with Mark Pilgrim and those guys. They’re lots of fun.”

G: [blank stare]

Fast forward to just now, when I’m sitting here looking up the information on and sites of WP developers. I get to Dougal Campbell … and then I go look at Who Are the Gunters? and see …

… “Mike Helba.”

There is a slight pause, and then recognition: “Hey, isn’t Mike that guy who came [with wife] over to Ashley and Jonathan’s that one time? The one I enjoyed talking to?”

I’m pretty sure.

I’m gonna cower in the corner and cry now.

[Oh, and Stephen … told you I would. ;)]