Leave Well Enough Alone!

Of course, I didn’t leave well enough alone, so I found myself staring at the computer far too close to 1:00 a.m. for comfort, saying:

“One of these years, I’m going to remember that, well … that I need to leave bloody well enough alone and RTFM sometime.”

I’ve never gotten hot-link protection quite right, and a cursory check of the community photo gallery‘s site logs told me this: my photos were being hotlinked. I’d asked folks not to do it, mainly because I was providing the service for-free [and, really, I am … seeing as no one else is paying for that server but, well, ME!]. Also, even though I get an obscene amount of bandwidth [two terabytes a month], there are some upcoming uses [which I won’t detail here ;)] that could, conceivably, soak up a lot of that bandwidth allocation.

And, well, heck … I asked folks not to use it as a place to post photos and then link ’em from their Weblogs, and … they were doing it.

Le sigh.

So, in a fit of stupidity, I decided to dive into CPanel and fix their wagons … and promptly broke Gallery. You see, CPanel just over-wrote the .htaccess that was there, and the .htaccess is what activates mod_rewrite and makes all this work. [If you’re now glazed-over, just smile and nod, okay? It’s quarter past seven and I want to finish this entry and go to work. Well, I don’t want to go to work, but … you know.]

I proceed to RTFM and realize that TFM was there, and I’d just been too lazy too look it up. With TFM looking something like Hindi at, again, far too close to 1:00 a.m. for comfort, I decide to hop on the ol’ forum and post an “I broke it!” note.

So today, during downtime at work, I get to fix it.

At least I will RTFM, huh?


  1. Maybe you will, and maybe you won’t. 🙂 I’ve been tinkering around with this stuff for any number of years now, and I still get caught now and again. Then, when I reat the Fine Manual, well, I wind up knowing less than I thougth I did before I read the FM… and then… well, you know how it goes from there.

    So far, my machines have survived…. but who knows about next time

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