The Things I Do Whilst Avoiding Sleep

I laid in bed for a while. Despite having told Sarah, “This old white boy needs to go to bed,” I was unable to sleep.

I got up, threw a shirt on, walked into the kitchen, got a glass of water, took a sip, walked back to the room, doffed the shirt, crawled back in bed.

Opened laptop … again. [I’ve been trying to go to bed since 8:30.]

Pulled up dive into mark.

Goofed around.

Found New Door.

Ran it on and



Lather, rinse, repeat.

Scan, scan, scan.

Read a bunch of about pages.

Find a few sites worth reading.

Fire up Mozilla to get to NewsMonster. [Curse computer for not letting Firebird and NewsMonster play nicely. Baaaaaaaaaaaaad computer.]

Add a new catgegory, “Recommended by DIM”. Add four [maybe five?] XML feeds.

Close Mozilla.

Look at clock.

Wonder where the hell 90 minutes just went.

Make spontaneous decision to blog.

Remember that I still find it scary that I have the schema for completely memorized. [It’s, if you’re curious.] Decide to add that in there in case you missed my reference of “doff”.

Pause to wonder why I added this addendum.

Remembered conversation with Carla Jean … “Geof, do you really use all these words in conversation, or are you just proving that you read the dictionary on a regular basis?” Hey, um, Ceej … I read a lot as a kid, and I still read a lot. Plus, words amuse me. Yes, I love fun things like this … although I will admit to having a too-strong affinity for Schadenfreude … both the word and the feeling.

Realize that, well, I’ve got no track left at this point.

Remember comment from last night’s watching of Angel: “Y’all see how Fred talks? That’s what’s going on in my brain every bloody second!” Nods around the room, followed by fun look from Kat … with some snarky retort I’ve now forgotten.

Yes, I am this spastic all the bloody time, but usually, I try to form the words better than this.

Tonight, the fatigue wins.

Now, to figure out where to put the tag in this and post it … ’cause an email just came in, and I want to read that before I sleep …