Minor CSS Change

Careful, regular readers [both of you] will have already noted that the look/feel of IJSM is slightly different.

The line-height is now 1.7, so there is some vertical spacing between the lines of a paragraph.

This change resulted from a conversation last night with Heather and Anthony about a paper she was writing for class:

H: “I wish I could get away with double-spacing this paper.”

G: “Why, because you have it half-written right now?”

H: “Exactly.”

A: “I hate single-spaced type.”

G: “So do I. I’ve got tracking problems, and I’d rather have at least 1.5-spaced text.”

H: [thoughtful stare]

A: “Yeah, so do I. It looks better than single-spaced, but it’s not obvious.”

G: “So, just change your line-height, and it’ll make it easier to read.”


G: [thinking] “Damn, I should do that on IJSM. I don’t ever read my own entries, but that’s because I wrote them. Maybe line-height: 1.5 will make them look better…”

After playing with it a little bit, I settled on line-height: 1.7.

Enjoy the better readability. 🙂

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