The Joyousness of RSS

Dave Shea does a way cool trick, using XSLT to make an RSS feed truly human-readable. Now, all the arguments about Atom v. RSS talk about human-readability, but Dave takes it a bit further by using an XML-happy stylesheet to make an RSS 2.0 feed look like, well, HTML properly processed by your Web browser. Don’t believe me? If you have a Gecko-based browser or IE 6.0, give it a whirl!

That RSS is truly correct RSS 2.0. It also does not look like a crapload of machine code. Mind you, RSS 2.0 is relatively human-readable … if you’re a human who likes to read code. Not many of us like that.

But RSS is still way cool anyway. I’m playing with FeedDemon right now in addition to FeedReader. I also found Feed on Feeds in the comments on Dave’s post; it’s something I’m going to toy with just to see how it works. [Noah, you might want to look at that if you get a shot, since you were tinkering with server-side RSS aggregation.]