An Equation of Motivation

What’s the equation of motivation to go to work as a holiday approaches? I had this discussion with a couple folks yesterday.

Purely theoretical:

m = ct / hf


c= constant desire not to be at work [employee-dependent, empirically evaluated]
t= number of days until the holiday begins
h= number of hours worked in a week
f= magnitude of importance of the holiday to the employee’s family

It may not be linear.

All I know is that I’ve got little motivation to go in today.


  1. I will be working late tonight, again, and not getting any comp time!! God, I love being a private sector consultant IE. Why the hell did I go to college for 4,5,6…OK, 8 years and get myself deeply in-debt to net $11 an hour? (Yeah I am a true IE, I did the math). Geof, need to add a factor in there to take into account how far behind you will get if you take a day off. Also have to factor in if you like what you do. (Which I don’t- I love it!!) If I was independently wealthy (Which I am not and this job is certainly not going to get me there), I would do the job anyway. But your formula is simplistic enough that C could be said to factor all that in (Pure genius Geof- you should get an honorary doctoriate for that formula) Happy Thanksgiving!!

    P.S. Geof, I was the only person to show up for the 9am meeting- ha ha ha ha ha, this place amuses me. Now I am wasting company time like they wasted mine this morning. Am I being passive aggressive?? I think I’ll go have HR fire someone to make me feel better. I am no longer to referred to as the RHOLMFw/FH, just call me Mr. Scrooge!! (That was a joke!!) Peace out, yo!!

  2. Ant-dawg you never cease to crack me up! You’re definitely not right, but the RHOLMFw/FH reminds me of the day when my little stepmother was affectionately referred to as MFSWIYTM. 🙂

  3. I think you are really on to something here. I have taken Dilbert’s advice and started a cubicle company. Now I can force myself to go to work only so that I can work on my cubicle company. Fortunately, I can do my cubicle business anywhere, so once I am making more in my cubicle business than I am making in my cubicle, I’ll be on the beach with my laptop raking in the dough.

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