It’s Gettin’ Hot in Here …

I’m a big guy. However, all my life [even back in my skinny days], I’ve always been a very hot-natured individual. Earlier this week when it was 28F outside, I was wearing sandals. I really just love the cold.

That said, the heat is blasting into my office. Most folks estimate that it’s about 78F in here.

The Director of Manufacturing simply walked by my office door today, felt the heat, stopped, stuck her head in, and said, “Goodness, how do you stand this?” I replied that I didn’t take it very well, and she told me to complain to Facilities. It seems so petty to complain, but … dang. Conversely, in the DM’s office, it’s around 68F. As I told her, “We could switch offices!” She just laughed.

Ahhh, the life of an office drone.


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