Gitmo Releases in Offing

Of all the questionable post-9/11 acts perpetrated by the Bush Administration [which I generally support but can specifically criticize], the curious detention of folks at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base was the one that always had me feeling uneasy. The detainees were treated as, essentially, stateless persons, given little in the way of civil rights. I have no doubt that they were treated in accordance with the Geneva Convention in general, but I was frustrated that they weren’t just classified as POW’s and treated as such.

The good news is that 100 or so detainees will soon be released.

CBS News foreign affairs analyst Pamela Falk called the news of the upcoming releases “a clear indication that the White House is under pressure from allies as well as from the Supreme Court to set standards for the holding of suspects in the war on terror.” Rightly so.

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  1. The Guantanamo situation has concerned me as well. (And I, too, fall into the camp of being generally okay with Bush’s handling of the situation but uneasy about some things.)
    There are also some “We can lock you up, forget about you, and maybe, someday, give you a secret trial if we think you’re a threat to national security” provisions of the Patriot Act I really dislike. Legal decisions along the lines of “You use computers, that makes you a ‘hacker,’ that makes you a threat to national security, *clink*” really bother me.
    Fortunately, I think the pendulum will swing the other way before too long, and sanity will prevail.

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