I Love Derek Webb

When people find out that I know Derek Webb, they often ask what kind of guy he is and why I like him so darn much. I tell them, “It’s because he’s such a real, down-to-Earth guy.” D and I may disagree on doctrine, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think he’s right about a lot of things.

And plus, when it comes down to it, Derek’s an absolute goofball: here’s proof.


  1. And you realize that thanks to that CD you gave me that I’ve got to see him perform at some point.

    Is this the release of “She Must And Shall Go Free”?

  2. Heh. Derek will be one of many people playing at Andrew Peterson’s Christmas show on Sunday night in Nashville. I’m going, but I’m probably crashing at my friend Trey’s house and driving back on Monday morning. No way am I trying to drive back and work the next morning like I tried to do last year. 🙂

    Those three folks won SMASGF pre-releases signed by Derek. We had a contest on our site, and he drew the winners himself. Then he decided to lick the pieces of paper so he could stick them to his forehead.

    That’s my boy! 🙂

    [Doctrinally, Chris would very much agree with Derek. Heh.]

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