“It sounds like it’s been a long week.”

The phone rang, but as usual, I figured it wasn’t for me. I picked up the cordless and stared at the caller ID, seeing a number I didn’t recognize offhand. I went back to my coding.

Leonard soon knocked on my door. It was indeed for me. Amy was calling from Cali, where her host had already gone to bed. [David, get better. That’s an order!] Amy said, “It sounds like it’s been a long week.” It has. Monday was obviously the hell of my server getting snapped offline unjustly and all the inherent stresses therein, and Tuesday, I spent inordinate amounts of time dealing with that and then with my Japaneses customer. [I don’t exactly love 5:00 p.m. meetings, but damn if it doesn’t help to actually all sit together on the phone and rapid-fire questions and answers back and forth, rather than emailing back and forth across a 15-hour time gap that doesn’t allow for quick return times … unless I just got up one night around 3:00 a.m. and traded emails.] Yesterday was kinda long, too, and it probably showed up in my voice patterns.

The rest of the week gets no easier, but that’s somewhat by choice. We have a hockey game tonight [frickin’ Bemidji!], I’m going to a Caedmon’s show in Rome, GA on Friday, then Aimee’s Christmas party in Birmingham on Saturday, then Andrew Peterson’s Christmas show in Nashvegas on Sunday. [Yeah, it’ll be a year almost to the day since the first time I met Derek. What a weird realization that is going to be when I mention it to him.] Monday morning, I’ll run my friend Scott to Nashville’s airport before driving back down here and going to work.

And, as I said to Amy, “… and then there are only … however … many shopping days left until Christmas.” We both laughed, and that was the tired laugh of two friends, knowing.