Totally Pooped

After an hour of waiting for them to fix the Zamboni [Todd, they ran over a puck …], the game got started.

It took three goals in the last five minutes to tie and finally take the lead in the game. The third, an empty-netter, sealed it. The second, a gritty garbage goal, made Brett McConnachie move up several notches in my opinion. I’d think he was better, though, if he hadn’t been -1 on a night when he put in two goals. [To me, Steve Canter’s still the freshman who is farthest along in the class.]

I am noticing a trend after games when I go to dinner with the Pep Band: Doug Childs and I pretty well dominate the “serious” conversation, and people disturbingly listen to what I say. Oi.

I am so wiped out right now, but perversely it’ll probably be close to 2:00 a.m. before I get soundly to sleep. Hence, I’m poking an entry while I have a shred of coherence.

If there was any doubt that I’d just get a hotel room in Rome tomorrow night, my current level of weariness, combined with the likelihood of wintry crap fouling the mountainous route back from there, have sealed the deal.

Let the road-tripping begin.

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  1. My 2 cents on the game:

    My observation of the game was that the Chargers were more concerned with establishing their physical presence (pounding the beavers as the student section might say)and tying the Beavers up as they crossed the blue line. The problem on the defensive end was that Chargers defense seemed to break down and they ended up chasing the puck alot and getting out of position creating scoring chances for the Beavers. The first two periods were pretty ugly. There was tremendous individual efforts made on the offensive end, but team cohesion was lacking. It all seemed to come together by the third period. The offense played more like a team and broke out together as a unit. The team still struggled passing up ice. There were many icing calls that would have been breakaways had the pass been better. Defense still needs to tighten up. Both teams struggled defensively as the 8-5, er, 7-5 score shows. Overall I think they had the right strategy, break up the initial rush and play positional, pound any beaver within stick length, hockey. Just have to have more discipline to stay at home and not take stupid penalties. But my twisted brim is tipped to the boys for killing the 2 minute 3-on-5. On a positive note, this is a young team with a lot of heart. They never gave up last night and won a hard fought victory.

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