Saddam Potentially Captured

It’s really interesting to me that the U.S. thinks they have the DNA to prove that they’ve caught Saddam. Wouldn’t you love to know how they made that acquisition? 😉

Obviously, this is just plain good news for the entire world. There shouldn’t be any partisan spin on it by anyone.


  1. Dem- But where is Bin Laden? Why haven’t we captured him yet? It’s good that we caught Saddam, he was a bad person. But why didn’t we capture him sooner. Our soldiers are dying everyday over there. And why haven’t we captured BL yet? and what’s going on in Afghanistan, why haven’t we heard about what is going on over there…

    Reps- This is a great day for democracy in the world. We have captured this tyrant, closer to getting BL, blah, blah blah…

    They can and will spin this and the media, liberal and conservative, will spin it. One day maybe someone will put on a news channel that has nothing but the relavent facts and lets everyone make up their own mind without a spin.

  2. So far, I’ve read the story of Saddam’s capture on MSN, BBC, The China Daily, Tehran Times, Iran Daily, two other Arab newspapers I can’t remember, Reuters, and Fox News. It’s been…educational. There were a lot of good points in all the articles, but only one failed to harp on the initial reasons the US cited for going to war. Definitely serves as a reminder that American opinions aren’t the only ones the administration needs to be concerned with.

  3. I think the Pres is playing the hand he has been dealt. The sum events leading up till 4:15 pm on 12/16/03 have forced him to take an imperialistic stance. Not so sure it is by choice. I am sure he and everyone else would like to sit at home with our feet propped up and ignore the rest of the world, but due to business branching out into international markets and tying us to the world economy, we have no choice but to now take agressive postures to insure long term economic stability. It seems almost oxymoronic…

  4. It seems to me that any administration that ignores the opinions of the rest of the world is asking for trouble. I’m not saying they have to cater to them, but they can’t pretend those opinions don’t exist.

    And the fact of the matter is that the rest of the world and half the US aren’t going to settle for just capturing Saddam – they’re not going to be distracted from the initial goal. They want the weapons we started this war over. They want proof that this war was something besides a blatant unprovoked attack by a first-world power on a defenseless third-world nation. Despite the administration’s attempts to switch focus, is seems that people still remember the war’s original purpose and they’re still waiting. That’s not something a government should just dismiss.

    Besides, ignoring the legitimate concerns of millions is simply irresponsible. If we’re going to throw ourselves into the business of others, then we might as well listen to what they have to say.

  5. Is it really the “rest of the world” that America’s “ignoring”? France, Germany, and Russia seem to just be the squeaky wheels.

    The U.S. mission right now is increasing security and promoting stability in Iraq. As part of that, they’re quickly handing [I fear too quickly] self-determination back to the Iraqi people. They asked for the right to make decisions, and they’re going to get it in June. American forces will provide security for the near-term, but all in all, it’ll end up like Afghanistan.

    Well, hopefully it will end up better than that because there are a lot more troops on the ground in Iraq. It’s clear that there’s a need for more troops in both nations in an effort to enforce security, but the U.S. is [stupidly] unwilling to send more, hoping that the coalition will help out. Newsflash: we have 125k in Iraq, and the Brits has 11k. No one else comes close.

    I don’t think that this was “a blatant unprovoked attack by a first-world power on a defenseless third-world nation.” It was a pre-emptive strike on an emergent threat who was harboring terrorists. Have you forgotten that Abu Nidal and plenty of his buddies were captured in April and May?

    If you want to talk WMD, it’s pretty clear all throughout the 1990’s that everyone was sure that Iraq had a WMD program. Iraq’s a large country. If they haven’t destroyed it or shipped it out, it’s still there … it might just take a while to find it. It took a while to find Saddam, and Saddam’s a lot bigger than some WMD.

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