“Heard it from a friend who / Heard it from a friend who-oo-ooo …”

Read Matt’s post about a potential implementation of the XHTML Friends Network. What’s the XHTML Friends Network, you might ask? It’s an XML-ish way of noting how you’re linked to people.

I’ve been thinking about this in terms of the .net community, but I’ll explain it in terms of the Wondergeeks:

Let’s use Amy. Amy would list Jeff as a spouse, Heather as a colleague [since they did work together back in the day], Andy as a friend [as well as many others of us, certainly], and other folks that she’d simply just met as “met” or “acquaintance”. On the other hand, I could not list Brad as someone I had met, because we haven’t.

I think that the idea’s pretty interesting, in some weird Six Degrees-ish kinda way. Is it very useful? No. Does it have to be useful? No.


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