WordPress Development

I just have to say that I’m very excited about the development of WP.

For one, the developers have renamed everything, which I think is key. They’ve also massively reorganized things in the renaming&emdash;you’ll have very few files in your document root anymore. [Rick should be very happy about this, and he’ll be likely to move everything from /wordpress/ back to /.]

The codebase is making a flying leap at going to 1.0 before 12/31. That’s ambitious, but I applaud it. The big things I’m ready to use are comment moderation and multiple categories per post. That’s going to be wicked cool.

The smartest feature of all may be my-hacks.php. To quote Matt:

In the past if you were going to add a filter or hack you would have to modify one of the existing WP files and your changes would then be overwritten when you upgraded to a new version. No more. I’ve just checked in the code that adds a new option where you can enable or disable a hacks file. When this option is enabled it checks for a file called my-hacks.php in your WordPress root and if the file exists, it includes the code from that file. Hopefully this will make it easier for hack writers to structure their code and write instructions for installation, and it will be easier for users because they won’t have to redo all their hacks and extensions every time their upgrade or overwrite a file.

I think this takes hacks into the realm of plugins, which is key. Joe User is worried about installing a “hack”, but a “plugin” is a far more benign term. I’d even suggest calling it my-plugins.php, myself. I have but one modification to the code at present: an XML-RPC call that Rick wrote that allows WordPress to ping Wondergeeks. I’ll have to modify the code when WordPress goes 1.0, but instead of opening up the hood on everything else, I’ll just open up my-pl … er, my-hacks. 🙂

I cannot stress enough how much I like WP.


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