Geekification Nearly Complete

This entry is being typed from my parents’ new Dell desktop. They have had it for a few weeks now; I’m presently checking my email over dialup [~26 kbps, egad] and downloading Firebird in the background [58% complete … I don’t know whether to be joyful or sad, heh]. Oddly enough, this is the first OEM keyboard that I’ve liked in some time. It’s got a good response. No, it’s not one of those 20-pound monsters like what Stephen loves to use, but it has a pretty good response for my typing tastes. Considering that I had to force myself to learn to live with my OEM laptop keyboard when I got the laptop, it ain’t all bad. [I miss good key response, but let me tell you … Internet on the couch just rocks my face off.]

I got my parents’ DirecTiVo installed; the unfortunate thing is that the DVR service takes a day or two to populate the program guide with information. 🙁 Grrrr to that. However, I think the main feature my folks are likely to use is the ability to pause live TV when someone calls at an inopportune time. As Mom noted, she’s home most of the time anyway, so recording stuff isn’t terribly necessary. Being able to pause a show she’s watching when my grandmother calls, though, will probably be very nice. Add collaborative filtering finding new shows to record to the mix, and I think it’ll work out in the end.

The other frustration is that this install has a dual LNB tuner but only the single cable running into the house. [Well, I’m 95% sure that it’s a dual LNB tuner, and I’ll check sometime tomorrow to make sure.] Without dual LNB’s, you can’t watch one channel and record another. I’ll check the dish out tomorrow and probably call DirecTV on Monday to have them come out and run another line at my expense. Like I told Sean when I bought this unit, “I’m going to do it up right, yo.”

Now, if I can only convince Dad that DSL or a cable modem would be preferable to running a second phone line with dialup … consider the cost, and it’s not much more to be off of sloooooooooow dialup. Maybe subliminal messages in his sleep … uhhhh, just kidding, Dad. 🙂

My geekification would be much farther along if Best Buy had stock of a Delphi SkyFi XM unit today. Unfortunately, they didn’t, and the wait to find that out pretty well stood on my last nerve. [I’m still generally hacked off at how last week went. Man, I need to let go. I’m starting to get as bitter as the Ant-Dawg. Anyhow, they didn’t have the unit, so we didn’t get one. Dad suggested that we go to Wal-Mart, but at that point, my patience for retail shopping had gone to nil.

Perhaps tomorrow we’ll go; XM would be preferable to the small amount of CD’s I have in the truck. [I was burning more CD’s as a part of the Great CD Preservation Project on Friday, and I left my truck set of CD’s in my office. Yes, I am a mo-ron.] I mean, I might love Guster to death, but there’s only so much Guster that this drive can handle, and I’m not really sure that Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy is a good choice for that, either. XM is the perfect appliance for a dude like me who drives long hauls as a matter of course.

I would type more, but my download of Firebird just completed, so it’s time to post and then go install that. I missed tabbed browsing.


  1. you realize that 1) you are shopping at best buy the week before christmas, we are running out of everything and 2) if your slack ass hooked up the 5 disk changer in the truck you would have more music possibilities. Oh, and that you have friends with extensive cd collections.

  2. The DirecTiVo units do indeed have 2 tuners. I know the new series 2 boxes actually allow you to record two shows at once (we have greatly enjoyed that) in addition to being able to record+watch. You’re on the right track for what to look at. Make sure the dish has 2 outputs. If so, the second coax is all you need. If the dish only has a single output, there are actually replacement LNB kits that allow you to keep the dish, yet replace the LNB to get the dual outs.

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