The NBA is … fantastic?

Some random thoughts while watching the NBA on Christmas …

  • Spending the last four or so years steeping in hockey, it’s really odd to watch basketball in transition, where a player can cherry-pick and be at the other end of the court long before the ball is there. It’s totally disconcerting to watch for me. I keep waiting for the linesman to blow his whistle and point his arm at the center line.
  • Thinking in terms of Moneyball … when is some NBA team going to decide that they’re just not going to draft players that haven’t had three or four years of college? They could probably trade down and still get the players that they want to put into their organization and probably pick up some talent in the trade. If they don’t get talent in the trades, perhaps they get future considerations&emdash;and that’s bound to make things interesting as they develop their medium- and long-term philosophy.
  • The NBA’s salary cap system is absolutely ridiculous, and it doesn’t seem to be furthering the ends of trying to get talent evenly distributed. It seems to stifle player movement, which doesn’t lower salaries. Everyone complains that salaries are too much, but all you have to do is look at baseball to see that a more free system will allow fore more rapid market corrections. It’s kinda interesting, really.

The NBA has reached new lows of relevancy. So sad. Their old slogan, “I LOVE THIS GAME!” is now more appropriately phrased: “I used to love this game.”