Flu, Day Two

Last night, before I drifted off to bed, I checked voicemails on my cell phone. Oops. My parents were calling there, not home.

I decided that my first conscious action this morning would be to call. When I woke up at 5:07, I decided to wait until a more reasonable hour.

The joy of being dehydrated [yes, I’m trying to keep up with it, but it’s in some ways a losing battle, especially when you’re asleep] for me is having my sinuses fill with cement. This means I get to trek to my truck to take something for it. [My stash is always in the truck. Why? I am always near my truck, no matter where I am.]

I think when I go to the truck that I’m going to forage for foodage. Because I’d planned to be out of town this weekend, I hadn’t done any necessary grocery shopping. I’m not up for that right now, but I would be up for some breakfast.

Thanks to Katharine and Rick and Jess for well wishes and offers to go get stuff. Right now, if I can reduce my fever again and get my sinuses to go away, I can sit here and ache with zero energy all day and not feel totally horrible. [And yes, “Jennifer”, I’ll show you how to use TrackBack someday soon. ;)]


  1. I AM NOT WEIRD! You are! Take that! Ha!

    By the power of my one liner comeback, you are officially silenced and put in your place. The beauty of this argument is that there are really no facts that can be refuted. So HA!

    (this is what you get from me while Jessica is at work)

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