The folks upstairs—yeah, the same turds who “overflowed the bathtub” a couple weeks back—now have a yapper dog.

It is an extremely ugly yapper dog. I think that it’s somewhat related to a dachshund, but all I know is that the little yap is ugly.

The little yap is also out on the porch now and, apparently, lonely, because he’s yapping pitifully.

I saw the youngest girl walking around outside with it earlier, and I feared that it would be their dog. [I don’t know who else I thought the dog might belong to, but well, in this situation, hope springs eternal … or something.] Then they bounded up the stairs together and, sure enough, it was theirs.

I say that Ant-Dawg and Heather need to bring over her little Pomeranian and let him yap to his heart’s content. It would be … payback?


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