Before and After

What a difference a few months make, eh?

‘at dog is still adorable. 🙂

I freely admit to posting this purely for my mother’s sake, because I’m sure she’d love to see photos of you, Rick. 😉 But the difference in Molly is simply amazing, especially when you put her next to Jessica. Like I said Wednesday … I think your dog could end up being bigger than your wife. 🙂

[N.B. I always forget that the people that read this site might not be close friends or family. The “Rick and Jessica” above are the same ones in my sidebar. Yon tall goofy man is the guy I’d call “my best friend” if you stuck a gun to my head and made me say something so second-grade. I have many friends, even more acquaintances, but only one Richard Paul King. One is enough.]