Since I’ve been sleeping so much during the day, I wondered when I’d have issues getting to sleep.

They’ve hit. Last night, it was 3:30 a.m. or so before I finally got my eyes closed. Why? Well, I wasn’t really tired, and the book I’d picked up last night [one of a few I’d grabbed at Barnes & Noble in a stave-off-cabin-fever dash from the apartment] wasn’t putting me to sleep. It wasn’t totally holding my attention, either, but I think some of that could have just been that, when sick, my mind tends to keep running pell-mell through the halls of my brain, even if my body doesn’t really know how to keep up.

It’s fun being me. :looks around room: Really, it is.

I’m up now only because the local sports-talk station is broadcasting a HS basketball tournament. Soon, I’ll have ESPN Radio 24/7. 😀