The Internet is Beautiful

I have no idea why&emdash;other than the fact that it’s the end of the year and, well, I’m all nostalgiac&emdash;but I got to thinking somewhere in the middle of the night about my very few friends from my old high school.

Mind you, I pretty well hated living in Forest&emdash;I was always the outsider, the interloper. The biggest resentment that I always felt was that I had “replaced” the school’s annointed valedictorian.

Well, when I transferred away, I was replacing her no more. The fun thing? Neither one of us cared, and since high school, she’s the only one that’s tried to track me down. Jessie called me sometime during the spring semester of my fourth year in college, which I remember only because it had been some time since Mom’s stroke.

All of that to say this: in a few minutes’ Web searching, I have found her phone number [her husband has a pretty distinctive name himself, and there’s only one of him in Mississippi] and also now know that my friend Benjamin Gatewood went to med school and that my friend Rhett Simmons went to dental school. Someone put those two clowns in the medical profession? Oi. 😉

I’m calling Jessie this afternoon, just to catch up. Having plotted their street address, it was kinda hard to make myself not drive there and be there when they’d be home from church. [There’s also the tiny matter that I have to teach Sunday school today, plus the fact that I’m still feverish and was wiped out by just driving to Boaz and back yesterday.]