I’m Not the Only One!

Okay, so a couple weeks back I closed down the referer logs, thinking that I was somehow getting spammed.

I was, but not in the way that I thought.

I was reading Q Daily News when I saw that he’d pointed to Doc Searls’s bit about having referral log spam. Jason was noting that he’d gotten spam from Democratic presidential hopefuls, and the same goes for me.

Referral log spam. Goodness gracious, what next? In figuring out what’s legit and what’s crap, I think you have to have a referral script actually check the incoming referrals nowadays; surreptitiously, go to the site, pull up the source of the page, and look for references back to yours. If there is a link, then note it; if not, delete the log spam.

Of course, in such situations, I’m not talking about something that actually touches your raw Apache logs; I’m thinking more in the case of a referral script like Dean Allen’s Refer, which could probably be configured to do this.

All I know is that this pisses me off … but I will open up my referral logs again. Just be wary of anything linking directly to index.php without any ?p=#### afterwards.



  1. Yes, which typically happens with friends of mine who link in from their own Web sites. Linkage in from sites of people who aren’t familiar with me typically involves people who are linking to specific entries on the site.

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