Slowly Coming Back to Life

Well, my laptop decided to give up the ghost … kinda. Windows XP started failing on it, and with the help of Todd, who could find his WinXP CD when I could not, I’ve got XP back up and running on it. I can see all the data on the drive … I just have to see if I can use it all and get it all back up and running.

The only thing I care about is the last 18 months of email I had stored on there.

What’s frustrating is that I was 48 hours away from having the entire laptop backed up. :sigh:


  1. Geof – i presume for some reaosn that you are using outlook of some variety – even though the mail doesnt get stored in a nicve bundled PST file, you SHOULD still be able to get the mail back… the problem is the indexing. you can make a new installation (in a different folder, or better yet, under a different user) and then manually move the mail data, and then it will complain to all heck… but you SHOULD be able to get it to export the data to a PST… i recall doing something liekt his once before. but it was an age ago… good luck.

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