DW to Record with Caedmon’s Again

I’m very tempted to strike “Again” and say “One Last Time”, because I really think this is the final hurrah.

One last version of “Bus Driver”. That would be a fitting finale to Derek‘s career with Caedmon’s Call.

I am also very happy to know that Chronicles&emdash;the tentative title for CC’s greatest hits album, which should be in stores April 6th&emdash;will have a song by Andrew Osenga. I’d thought they’d record “Phoenix”, which I first heard Andy play in April; when I heard it, I said, “That sounds like a song Caedmon’s would play.” I flat-out asked him, and he told me that it wasn’t, but rather it was something that he’d just finished and that no one but the band, his wife, and one other person had heard.

I (heart) Andy’s writing. I (heart) it at least as much as I do “Bus Driver”. To think that I hated that song at first …