And Away I Go Again

I’m sure I could potentially post a few times tomorrow, but it’s not guaranteed.

I’ll be leaving work at lunchtime, having lunch with the local male geeks, and then going home to finish packing for the conference youth retreat. I hate missing Stephen and Misty’s baby shower, but I’d already agreed to go before I found out about the conflict. 🙁

It’ll be a good time, but this promises to be the most unique youth retreat ever. We’ve oversubscribed Camp Sumatonga, so our group [and maybe a couple others] will be staying at a nearby Best Western. That’ll make things very odd, but I don’t think I’ll miss having two showers for 30 guys and the resultant guarantee that I’ll get a cold shower.

Now it’s time for me to sleep, since I get to be at work an hour earlier in the morning.


  1. hello. im very bored right now. i should be enjoying life, but im very sad right now. i happend apone your site because i typed something random in google, and this site was the only one i could post a comment with out having to sign up for anything! =) thanks for your time! =)

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