Apparently the only person content with me being single is, well, me.

I find that funny.


  1. Ok. First, can you make this damn thing remember my comment when I don’t get around to filling in my e-mail address? (this is like the 3rd time I’ve had to retypea comment due to that)

    Post was as follows:

    What, did are picking last night get to you?

    Married people are strange like this. Now that we’re married, we try to make everyone else like us. Go figure.

  2. Rick: Sorry, I can’t change the way WP works. [Well, I can, but I refuse to do so. ;)]

    Yeah, the picking did bother me a little. Not enough to get all frustrated or anything, but it did amuse me some.

    It’s not like the comments will run me off. I like y’all too much. 🙂

  3. Hmm, maybe this is related, maybe not, but we noticed all our single friends disappeared after we got married. They were always busy, never called, etc… (And this is not the forum discuss some of the excuses they gave…) We have some non-married couple friends, and they seem to still be okay with us…
    Strange phenomenon…

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