The label of the Production Planning and Control group’s secretary’s jacket says, “FU DA”. I know this because she hangs her jacket on the coat tree in such a manner that the label faces you as you walk by her desk.

I have often argued that being an engineer warps your mind. One way that it does so is to make you look at things in a new light. Being a NASA subcontractor, I look at any string of letters that doesn’t clearly spell a word and try to figure, “What’s the acronym in this?”

I was ruminating on this on my way past her desk to a meeting this morning&emdash;one for which I was already a little late thanks to trying to run a few things down while still waking up this morning&emdash;when the painfully obvious, “F*** You, Dumb A**” acronymization of that label popped into my head.

I propose that STFU become STFUDA in light of this discovery.


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