Visits from the Fuckup Fairy

Ed: “Why did everybody around here pick today to … well … [sotto voce]fuck up[/sotto voce]?

I shrugged, not knowing. “That’s been my whole week, boss man.”

It has. A blivet is defined as ten pounds of horseshit in a five-pound sack. It’s been raining blivets this week.

But at least the server’s running right now.

I often say to myself during the day, “I need a beer” or “I need a drink”. I need one so badly right now, it’s not even funny. It’s just about all that my poor, shriveled brain can contemplate.

It’s not all crappy, though … welcome to the world, Elijah Clark Granade. Your parents love you very much, and I love them very much; I am sure that I will love you at least as much as I do them.

Thinking on it, maybe I don’t need the drink after all…