Ladies and gentlemen, I have an admission:

I have NADD: Nerd Attention Deficit Disorder. I have two tabs open in this browser window, another browser window open inside of FeedDemon, a browser window for work [IE needed to access internal network], three IMversations open, Outlook running, and Project going. Oh, and the radio is on behind me with the Tony Kornheiser Show.



  1. Amateur…. I have two browser windows open, one with 6 tabs, another with 8; a Netscape mail window; two IM conversations going; 3 documents open in OpenOffice; and merely 4 xterms running…. and that’s just on this PC.
    The Mac isn’t running anything at the moment, but it’s ready to jump in there as needed. The non-router Sparc box is sitting here doing a Gentoo update (3 more xterms there). The work laptop is VPNed into the office with our group calendar app running and our sales/marketing database system going. …Should I mention the Palm and the cell phone too? 🙂

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