The net.files: “I always come off as brash”

Today, I have seen just the latest example of a net.people phenomenon: “Everyone always tells me that I’m [brash|arrogant|a jerk], but I don’t think I’m like that at all.”.

I’ve been a part of online communities for a long time now; I started with Usenet back in 1996 [or so]. If you do the math, you’ll realize that such an era puts me in my latter teen years [17, to be exact]. That Google Groups exists does kinda scare me: if I ran for President in another thirty years, well, there’s a lot of dumb shit that I’ve said that can come back to haunt me. 😀

I’ve seen this net.people trend for some time; in fact, I was a part of it for a while. When I was younger, I never understood why people saw me as a brash, arrogant jerk. A few years and a lot of introspective navel gazing later, I understood. That’s not to say that I still can’t be a brash, arrogant jerk [I can be, and this entry kinda proves it, no?], but I would like to think that I’ve toned my rhetoric down significantly.

How did I learn to come off a bit more normal? I came to understand a few things: that people saw the world differently than I did, that my opinions were important but not paramount, and that there were things on which I was an expert [few] and other things on which I was a novice [many]. I try to reserve my authoritative tone for things on which I have a relative amount of experience.

Perhaps this “eris” does have a ton of experience in judging such competitions. But because I don’t know eris from Eve, (s)he comes off like a brash, arrogant jerk. If Dave Shea&emdash;whom I do know, at least in the “I know that he generally knows what the hell he’s talking about re: Web design” sense&emdash;had said the same thing, I probably wouldn’t be writing this entry.

There are all sorts of net.kooks out there, claiming to be experts … and some of them really are. The rest are arrogant punks. 😉



    I especially like the ‘We’ve gone over the valuable input from everyone who submitted and learned quite a bit on how to make the Auctions better.’ bit in the last one. But the WordPress community has a well-established tendency to jump down people’s throats if they dare to suggest that something isn’t already 100% perfect and could be improved. There’s no point even trying to contribute to a group with that kind of mindset, which is one of the reasons why I stopped posting on the forums, and why eris should have realised that her feedback would not be welcome.

  2. Hey, now, broadbrushing everyone in the WP community because of the attitude of some is pretty disingenuous.

    The links you gave do provide some proof, and yeah, they reference some feedback. But that’s not exteremely extensive. That feedback seems to indicate more about the timing of the contests, not the actual setup of them. It does show that eris has BTDT.

  3. But you know what still amuses me? You’ve all lost sight as to why I wrote this in the first place. I’m closing comments/TB/PB on this entry after replying, purely because I do want the last word [and because it’s my prerogative]. But if Eris has routinely had problems with people calling her brash and arrogant, then the problem isn’t us … it’s her.

    That’s what you learn when you’ve been a brash, arrogant jerk on the Internet for a long enough period of time. Trust me. I know. I’ve been there, and if you want a cite …, alt.books.tom-clancy, between 1997 and 1999.


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