Company Man Coming Home

Well, crap.

As Mike notes, I’m very much a company man. I drove to Jersey last time, and I offered to drive again this time if it were cheaper than the cost of the plane fare and rental car. Unfortunately for me [and fortunately for the company], the plane tickets were pretty cheap.

Even more unfortunately for me [and fortunately for the company], it looks as if we will complete all our activities today, and it appears that flying back on Friday will be cheaper than another day of hotel, car rental, and per diem. So much for the plans to try to 1) reclaim the holiday I lost on Monday by travelling and 2) head over into the City and hopefully see Jessie and Jerrod for the first time in many years and possibly meet up with Anil.

As Robbie Burns once said, “The best laid plans of mice and men oft go gang agley.” Yeah. Wiseguy.