I may have almost walked my legs off at IAH, but I’m home.

I always find it funny on airplanes: I can be the chatty-type passenger, or I can be the guy who sits, silently, next to you for the entire flight. My flight from Newark to Houston: said nothing. My flight from Houston to Huntsville: talked the whole way. I always try to gauge my neighbor as we get seated on the aircraft. If they seem like they want to talk, I will. I have plenty of stories to tell a stranger. If they don’t seem to want to talk, well, I’ve got a couple magazines [always The Economist, sometimes Newsweek or Sports Illustrated, too] and maybe a paperback.

Doesn’t matter to me. I enjoy the chatty flights more, but maybe not everyone around me does. My knob always seems to be on 11. 🙂

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