Acts of Volition Radio

I want to echo Matt Haughey’s praise for Acts of Volition Radio. Acts of Volition Radio is a nifty little program that Steven Garrity puts together for download on his site. I fear that its very popularity [driven from word-of-mouth and from Haughey; I am under no such delusions about IJSM’s popularity] might be its downfall, either from stress on Steven’s hosting-fu or visibility killing him on the licensing fees. [Steven does want to license the songs for use, though. Give him all credit.]

The best part is probably the format: he tries to put together a coherent playlist, and he does the old-school DJ approach to telling you why he’s playing stuff. You know, back when disc jockeys were disc jockeys and not “on-air personalities” like they are these days.

I could totally see my brother putting something like this together, and it’s one of things I’d dearly love to do if I had more time in my day. I think I have some pretty cool music in my arsenal, and I’d like to tell you why I think it kicks ass.

Good on ya, Steven. 🙂